Around the Pyramid are hidden Those laws that would bring together the laws of physics with those laws of the nature, or the Laws of the creator, with those that would be the spiritual laws. All this laws can help the human being to control these laws that still unknown for him in order to travel in all the universe.

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The Structural Relationship Between the Pyramid and the Geodesic Dome

            We find this one coming into incarnation from the realms of Mercury, where there was the gathering together of that which has been the experience of past incarnations which may be used in the development of mankind in this century.

  •  For we would find that it would be the purpose of this one to apply those laws that would bring together the laws of physics with those laws of the nature, or the Laws of God, with those that would be the spiritual laws.

           For it has been realized there has not been developed that interplay, or interrelationship, between the spiritual laws and the use of spiritual energies, which would be the patterns of mathematical functions, or mathematical equivale         .

It is not that this one would have the ability to work with the numerical values, but it would be seen that a part of the discipline of this lifetime would be the ability to cooperate with those who may assimilate these values and may interpret the numerical functions to bring these ideas into play.

          There have been gathered in this Fellowship three who were part of the building of that which has been called the Great Pyramid. It would be seen then, that these would cooperate together in the understanding of the powers inherent in the pyramidal function.

         There would be one then who would have the inherent memory of the power, the feel of the pyramid shape, particularly of that pyramid at Giza, and those underlying structures. It would be his purpose to realize that which lies below ground surface as the foundation is important to the field, the energy pattern, the power of the shape within the pyramid.

          We would find in cooperation that one who understands the numerical division of the volume. His cooperation with this one in construction would be essential in interpreting, in finding those levels that would produce complete power, or would concentrate the energy of geometric shapes.

        We would see then, that these abilities, these gifts have been divided for a purpose, as all the perfect plans of God work according to purpose to all those that are called according to His name and to His plan.

That one would be given one ability that would not function without the cooperation of the other, for this is the teaching of The Law of One. 

For the pyramid is of no value unless it be understood that which is the peak of the pyramid, or that which all power centers from. That would be the bringing of all energies, all powers together, for herein lies the power of the pyramid, as it centers on the God force.

         Then where would be the comparison of that which has been referred to as the geodesic dome with that which would be the pyramid shape? We would see it in this manner: that both would bring into play great sources, great forces, great pulls of energy.

          The pyramidal shape then would concentrate that energy, bring it to a point and point toward the Law of One. The geodesic shape, or the dome, would spread that energy that is concentrated in its center over a wider force-field.

If there is the turning back in the memory toward that crystal of Atlantis, you would see it mounted on the pyramid, and focused through the pyramidal shape.

         There will be the understanding that the pyramid energy was spread through those crystals, those facets of the crystals which were in a geodesic shape, so there was brought into play the great healing service as that that energy would be broadcast over a wide portion of the land from the crystal.

        Where there would be the need to concentrate, or to focus this energy, there was used then the pyramid shape.

          Now in the study for this one, we would instruct that the pyramid shape would be studied, and that there would be located at that level of The King's Chamber the focal point of power.

That there would be constructed the geodesic shape with the pyramidal frame resting over it.

          For we would find these combinations were used in both those temples that you have called the Temple of Sacrifice and the Temple Beautiful. For though the exterior was the pyramidal shape, the interior was the ovoid, the egg-shape, the geodesic dome resting inside the pyramid, and herein lies a source of all power on your plane.

          Now understand not only the structural values of these geometric shapes, but understand those laws that apply to them for all are contained in the Law of One.

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